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Zhdi Menya/Russia 21.4.2003

An Ingrian Finn (Russian Finn) Marija Melihova was evacuated to Finland from Leningrad Oblast in 1943 and she returned back to the Soviet Union in 1944 after the Russo-Finnish war. She was looking for the Laamanen family, with whom she lived in Finland 1943-1944. Reunion in the studio.


Zhdi Menya/Russia 2.2.2004

Finn Matti Nykyri, a grandfather, escaped from the Soviet Union to Finland in 1933 in order to avoid an arrest. He had a wife and a daughter, who remained in Leningrad. Matti Nykyri was remarried in Finland. Meeting of the first and second families in the studio.


Zhdi Menya/Russia 31.7.2006.

A Finn, Matti worked in Vietnam after the war in the 1970s. He contracted malaria whilst working in Vietnam, and a soviet intelligence officer Andrey saved his life. Matti wanted to find his saviour. Meeting in the studio. A long way to Moscow from Vladivostok


Zhdi Menya/Russia 12.5.2008

Living in Belarus a woman was looking for her daughter Margarita in Sweden. Margarita turned out to be a celebrity in Sweden.


Zhdi Menya/Ukraine 1.9.2008

Living in Russia Oksana was looking for her father, who she does not remember. Presenter Igor Kvasha invites her to take a look at the photos on the stand. Oksana recognizes her mother`s photo and her own photo…


Zhdi Menya/Ukraine 6.4.2009

Jelizaveta Sergeevna is looking for her friend Marija Romanovna, who presumably lived in the Ukraine. I found Marija in Cyprus


Zhdi Menya/Ukraine 6.4.2009

Lidija Andreyevna is looking for her nephew Oleg, who lived somewhere in the Ukraine. Reunion of relatives in the studio, also meeting with me. The presenters, Igor Kvasha and Masha Shukshina also wanted to shake hands with me.


Zhdi Menya/Russia 15.6.2009

Julija Vladimirovna is looking for her great grandfather`s relatives in Finland. She did not know her great grandfather`s real name, date of birth, or place of birth. But nevertheless, a surprise reunion with the Finnish relatives took place in the studio. Finn Arvi O. gave me a request previously in 1995 to find his uncle, who illegally emigrated to the Soviet Union in 1923. That uncle turned out to be the same man as Julija`s great grandfather.


Zhdi Menya/Russia 1.11.2010

Living in the Ukraine, Tatiana is looking for relatives of her grandparents, who emigrated to the Soviet Union in the early 20`s to build socialism. Reunion in the studio.


Zhdi Menya/Russia 26.7.2010 and 25.10.2010

Tuygun Tulyaganovich is looking for his daughter, who emigrated to Finland 20 years earlier.


Zhdi Menya/Belarus 21.10.2011

Some Belorussians are looking for a Swedish woman Natalia Andersson, who has helped a lot of Belorussian and Ukrainian children, who were victims of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.


Zhdi Menya/Ukraine 12.12.2011

Living in Russia, Vitalij, is looking for his children Lyudmila and Ruslan, who lived after a divorce somewhere in Ukraine. The children were looking for their father for many years as well. Vitalij was very surprised to know, that the answer came from Finland.

Zhdi Menya/Russia 22.6.2012
Anna A. is looking for her grandfather Karl Perlman`s relatives in the UK. Karl Perlman left for Russia in 1917 to meet his sister, who was married in Russia previously and got caught up in the middle of the Russian civil war and lost contact with his family. He studied at Zhukowsky Air Force Engineering Academy, worked for Sovinformbyro and the Moscow News, but did not dare to search for his family in the UK, and he eventually found his sister in the Soviet Union after many years. Even before showing this programme I found Anna`s english relatives.

Zhdi Menya/Russia 29.6.2012

Irina M is looking for her relative Olga Mustafa, who was taken to Germany for forced labour and who escaped after WW2 to Australia. Her relatives were found in Turkey and Australia. Irina`s and 87 year old Olga`s meeting in the studio.


Zhdi Menya/Ukraine 16.7.2012

Romana Vladimirovna is looking for descendants of her grandfather`s brother in Argentina. Relatives found. One of them is one of the most famous tango dancers in Argentina.


Zhdi Menya/Ukraine 6.8.2012 and 20.8.2012

Tatiana Leontievna is looking for her sister Anastasia, who was in Germany as a forced labourer during WW2. Anastasia did not return to the Soviet after the war, but escaped to Switzerland. Anastasia passed away, but her 2 sons, Andre and Peter, live in Switzerland.  Andre is a famous businessman in Switzerland. Peter visited the Ukraine, and met his aunts and other relatives.


Zhdi Menya/Russia 10.8.2012 and 20.10.2012

Almost 90 year old veteran Pyotr Stepanovich, wounded in Berlin on 30 April, 1945, was looking for his brother Vasilij, who was a POW in Germany and escaped to England. The brothers managed to maintain a secret correspondence, however it was discovered by the Soviet Secret Police. Peter destroyed all the letters and photos apart from 2 photos, which he concealed. Vasilij passed away in England, but he has 2 sons there, Peter and David. Peter got to know about his uncle on his 60th birthday! Meeting in the studio in Moscow and in Sosnogorsk, Komi, Russia.


Zhdi Menya/Belarus 19.10.2012

A descendant of Belorussian emigrants, Patricia sent a letter in 1966 to her relatives in the Soviet Union. She got a response in 2012. Her relatives received that letter in 1966, but did not answer: one cousin was in officer school and the second served in the  frontier guard, who officially should not have had any relatives in foreign countries.


Zhdi Menya/Ukraine 29.10.2012

Living in England, Zita is looking for her Ukrainian father, who she`s never met. Zita did not know that her father was in the same studio

Zhdi Menya/Russia 3.11.2012
Relatives in Russia are looking for Ivar Digernes` descandants. He was a norwegian communist and journalist, who was married with a russian woman. Contact with relatives, who live in the US, Virginia.

Zhdi Menya/Ukraine 10.12.2012

Jelena Stepanovna is looking for her stepsister in the US: their father was taken from Ukraine to Germany, to a concentration camp, but survived and escaped to the US. He had a new family. Reunion.


Zhdi Menya/Kazakstan 28.12.2012 and 18.1.2013

Zhanna Garievna is looking for her cousin, who disappeared in Latvia during the collapse of the Soviet Union. They wese as close as a brother and sister. Julian is now a californian police officer and ex marine.


Zhdi Menya/Belarus 22.3.2013 and 19.4.2013

Janina Ivanovna is looking for her aunt, who was deported to Siberia. The aunt somehow managed to escape via Rhodesia to England. One cousin lives in California, the second in England. The English cousin Jan was named after Janina. Now they meet for the first time. Later Jan visits Belarus, meet his relatives.

Zhdi Menya/Ukraine 22.4.2013
Tatiana Larina`s grandmother`s brother Pyort Kralya escaped to England via Germany after WW2. Tatiana`s grandmother left an inheritance to her descendants to ding the relatives in England. Pyotr`s son Roman was found in the UK, and he med his relatives in Kiev adter reading Alexander Pushkin`s famous novel Eugene Onegin. Ohe of the main characters of that novel was Tatiana Larina...Reunion in the studio.
Zhdi Menya/Ukraine 9.5.2013
Nikolaj Zhovanik is looking for his uncle Nikola Zhovanik, who was as a POW in Germany and escaped to England after WW2. His passed away, but I found his granddaughter.
Zhdi Menja/Ukraine 17.6.2013

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